Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

When I first had to give up refined sugar, it was this kind of vanilla sponge cake that I really missed. Light and fluffy, filled with whipped cream

A Sponge Cake Recipe - Really Sugar Free

Hi, my name is Catherine, I created Really Sugar Free to share the recipes I've found since I had to give up refined sugar. When I first had to give up refined sugar, it was this kind of vanilla sponge cake that I really missed! Light and fluffy, filled with whipped cream. I searched for Victoria sponge cake recipes without sugar but they all replaced the sugar with granulated sweeteners, which still often contain forms of refined added sugar such as maltodextrin or sucralose.

Recipe for Sugar Free Cake - Really Sugar Free

Because this recipe uses honey, which tastes sweeter than sugar, you only need to use a small amount of honey, only 90 grams. The cream is unsweetened as the cake is sweet enough on it's own.

Whipped Cream Cake Recipe - Really Sugar Free

This sugar free sponge cake recipe only uses 4 ingredients - self raising flour, butter, honey and eggs. Beat the eggs really well until smooth.

Cake Recipe Low Sugar - Really Sugar Free

Then melt the honey and butter and beat them into the eggs, beating well again until completely smooth.

Cake Recipe For Diabetics - Really Sugar Free

Then add the self raising flour and continue beating to form a smooth cake batter. The cake mixture will be quite runny as you can see in the photos, don't worry!

Cake Mix Recipe - Really Sugar Free Sponge Cake Recipe - Really Sugar Free

Scrape the batter into the two cake tins, it won't look like there's a lot of mixture but it will rise.

Sponge Cake Recipe Moist - Really Sugar Free

Bake for 20 minutes, the cake will turn slightly golden and the center will feel firm to the touch. Allow the cake to cool.

Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe - Really Sugar Free

Whip the cream until stiff, use an electric whisk if you have one.

Sugar Free Cream Cake Recipe - Really Sugar Free

Turn the first cake upside down on the serving plate so that the centre will look straight when you slice it.

Sponge Cake Recipe Easy - Really Sugar Free

Cover generously with the whipped cream, top with the second cake.

Sugar Free Cream Cake Recipe - Really Sugar Free

Serve as a dessert decorated with strawberries or simply with tea.

A Sugar Free Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe | Diabetic Sponge Cake

Recipe Category: Cake, Dessert

Recipe Cuisine: British

Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 20 mins

Servings: 10

Calories: 295

Rating: 4.94 from 64 votes


  • 130 grams Unsalted Butter
  • 90 grams Honey
  • 3 Large Eggs
  • 180 grams Self Raising Flour
  • 250ml Double Cream


  • Preheat oven to gas mark 5 / 180 degrees Celsius
  • Beat the eggs, add the melted honey and butter and beat well
  • Beat in the flour
  • Scrape cake mixture into 2 greased 18cm / 7 inch cake tins
  • Bake for 20 minutes, allow to cool
  • Whip the cream, place the first cake upside down on a serving plate and cover with the cream, then place the second cake on top and chill before serving

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Comments (23)


13th of November 2022

Please do not misinterpret sugarfree to mean absolutely No sweeteners. The author clearly stated that she's giving up REFINED White Sugar. Anything is better than that horrible stuff. And yes honey is ok for diabetics in moderation. Love this site!


9th of November 2022

Sugerfree recipes please

Jeffrey Oliver:

19th of April 2022

I've had type 2 diabetes now for around about 1 year. Looking forward to baking, I have redecorated my kitchen for a new start


23rd of February 2022

I am a type 2 diabetic. I love your recipes, however can I use almond flour and artificial sweetener? Send any diabetic recipes. Thank you, Jonnalee

Christine Hayes:

18th of February 2022

I am prediabetic so would like some sugar free cake recipes

Vanessa Birt:

12th of February 2022

I am diabetic and looking for delicious sugar free cakes


25th of January 2022

No vanilla?


16th of January 2022

Hi is this cake truly suitable for diabetics ?


27th of October 2021

Can you tell me what kind of honey is best to use, thanks,

Patricia Lewis:

4th of September 2021

Have gone sugar/ artificial sweetener free. Finding it hard to find recipes not containing these. Thankyou.


16th of August 2021

I tried this recipe after trying many online sugar free recipes. Iam So happy about how soft and spongy this turned out. I used the exact measurements given and it's perfectly sweet. I used strawberries with whipped cream to it up. My 2 year old loved it

Arlene Joannides:

26th of May 2021

I am type 2 diabetic.


15th of April 2021

New to sugar free diet so would love any recipes, thanks


11th of February 2021

Can this be frozen??

Geoff Lukins:

4th of February 2021

Thanks for the recipe which being diabetic I’m going to try. However could you tell me what supermarket honey would be the best one to use. Thanks


27th of January 2021

Hi Hayley! I'm pretty sure it would but I would use slightly less maple syrup than honey as it has a runnier consistency. Let me know how it turns out! All the best


23rd of January 2021

Thanks for this. I wonder if maple syrup would work instead of honey for under 1s

Kenneth Cramer:

24th of November 2020

Could you possibly start adding nutritional information to your recipes? Thank you.


29th of September 2020

I made this cake for my grandma who has diabetes; she absolutely loved it! She had it instead of eating dinner. I liked it too, it's not too sweet but is still tasty.

Katy Lawson:

23rd of September 2020

I haven't made cakes for many years because I was never very successful previously. I tried this recipe and it was perfect the first time so is a favourite now.

SHeila NAidoo:

9th of July 2020

Both my husband are diebietic my friend bake it has very taste

Steven peck:

7th of June 2020

Like to have your recipe as am diabetic

Brian Gibbons:

9th of May 2020

Never made any sugar free desserts this will be a first thank you

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