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Try our free calorie and nutrition label calculator for your meals and recipes. Enter your ingredients to generate a free nutrition label! It's easy and quick to find the nutritional values of a recipe and display them in a nutrition facts label.

How to generate a free nutrition label:

1. Enter one ingredient per line
2. Accepts grams, kgs, mls, litres, oz, tsps and tbsps
3. Choose number of servings
4. Tap or click "Calculate" to generate your nutrition label
5. To embed in your website, tap or click "Embed this label" then "Copy Code" to paste into your blog

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Nutrition Facts for Recipes: Calorie Calculator for Food Bloggers and Calorie Counters

Providing accurate nutritional information for our readers is important. Food bloggers are increasingly expected to offer more than just mouthwatering recipes — we must also provide detailed nutrition facts for our recipes. So a user-friendly tool like this calorie calculator for recipes is a useful utensil!

With this easy-to-use calorie calculator you can simply paste or type your ingredients and our extensive database will provide nutritional information from reputable sources, then calculate the total nutritional information per serving.

The calories and nutritional information label will be displayed and you also have the option to embed the nutrition label directly into your blog. There's no need to spend time to figure out calories in a recipe.

Rather than finding nutritional information for each ingredient, with this calorie calculator for recipes, this task becomes as effortless as whisking together your favourite ingredients!

A calorie calculator can also help your website's audience, catering to health-conscious consumers by providing nutritional information for your recipes.

Create a nutrition label for your recipe blog while promoting healthy eating habits.

Our data sources include UK and US government datasets cross-checked for accuracy.